April 25 Randall

New Randall o' the Week: Dark Chocolate Licorice Oatmeal Stout! Big bold bittersweet dark chocolate with a very small hint of dark licorice. Basically dessert in a glass. Available starting at 3 today through Sunday.

Arthur Cohn
March 14 Randall

Then also, the new Randall infusion for the week: Cold Brew Porter poured through chipotle peppers! There is the spicyness we all know about, but also the extra smokiness of the peppers gives a chocolate character to the already very roasty Porter. Cheers!

Arthur Cohn
February 28 Randall

This weeks Randall is an old favorite with a little bit of a twist. Gustavo American Strong Ale poured through raspberries, but this time we also added cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks. Dessert beer with a little bit of spice kick. As always, available in glasses and growlers through Sunday. Cheers!

Arthur Cohn
February 7th Randall

This weeks Randall: we don’t know about you but we’re ready for spring to start. With that in mind let’s do an infusion to get ready for when it does come. The Hefeweizen poured through fresh lemons and ginger! Refreshing with a little spicy bite too. Available starting at 3 today through Sunday. Cheers!

Arthur Cohn
January 31st Randall

New Randall for this week: A play on Nutella inspired flavors, the Hazelnut English Brown Ale infused with chocolate. A nice dessert beer that won’t hurt your sweet tooth. Available through Sunday. Cheers!

Arthur Cohn
January 24th Randall:

This week in infusions on the Randall: We’re calling this one ‘Aztec’ Gustavo, the strong ale poured through cocoa nibs, ancho chilies, and cinnamon sticks. Chocolate sweetness with some mild warming spice! Available at 3 today through Sunday. Cheers!

Arthur Cohn